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IT platform to support winemakers’ production in the Frascati DOC area. It was created to synchronize vineyard interventions with seasonal trends.It incorporates the information provided by high-resolution weather forecasts, with agrophenological information in a GIS system. It allows farmers’ feedback to be recorded.

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The ECOVINO Project is an operating tool for Precision Agriculture that allows synchronization of vineyard interventions with seasonal trends. Knowing the dates of vineyard phenomena (flowering, ripening) and attacks of their parasites in advance it is possible to apply mathematical forecasting models to simulate the level of development of vines and insects during their annual cycle.



IT platform will produce local weather forecasts for the Castelli Romani area through the RAMS code. In addition, it will acquire vine and temperature data to produce simulations with the model. It will manage the dissemination of results and advice to winemakers on the optimal dates for irrigation, crop defense and harvesting (Integrated Agriculture).
The Ecovino project uses CLIMS-I (Geo data engine), an integrated prototype platform for real-time environmental monitoring. It was developed by CNR-IBIMET in a project designed and created by Tiziana De Filippis and Leandro Rocchi.


  • Modular structure
  • Low-cost and open source system
  • Tools and technologies compliant with OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards.

The project objectives are to implement an IT platform capable of integrating the technologies developed by research institutes. The aim is to create a service to support winemakers in order to reduce the cost of purchasing pesticides, to improve the quality of the final product, to safeguard the quality of the agricultural environment and protect the health of winegrowers.
The Ecovino project was experimentally developed in the Frascati DOC area and managed by an association, Associazione Produttori Uve Frascati / Cooperativa Antiche Terre Tuscolane.
At the beginning, the project was developed for a sample of producers (beneficiaries of the project), using different methods of information dissemination (internet, e-mail, SMS).
The platform benefits from phenological forecasting models provided by the research institutes and high-resolution weather forecast models that are calibrated for the area covered by the project.
These aspects will provide services to the winegrowers and others in the winemaking sector in accordance with the end user needs.

The ECOVINO Project was developed under the Rural Development Program of Latium Region (CEE) 2007/2013 (Bando Misura 4.1.1 – 124 “Ammodernamento delle aziende agricole” beneficiari privati).

The beneficiary is ‘Cooperativa Antiche Terre Tuscolane – CATT.

ECOVINO Project collaborators: DAFNE department (University of Tuscia) for wine phenology and lobesia; IBIMET (CNR) for Weather Forecasts, Spatialization (GIS) and Computer Platform; METEOTEC srl for Mathematical Models and Scientific Coordination .



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