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This service provides a monthly seasonal forecast based on different methodologies, for European and Mediterranean areas. The section is focused on the latest updates of the on-going development and validation activities along with real time forecasts.

Validated knowledge on seasonal precipitation anomalies could help technical services and organizations to better manage water resources, crops and energy.

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Give access to knowledge

Methods and results of this recent branch of atmospheric sciences must be as simple and accessible as possible for any potential users. This approach led to the implementation of a one-page site on this service, where forecast maps on Geopotential Anomaly at 850 hPa, Precipitation Probability Forecast, and Temperature Probability Forecast are published.



The service is carried out in the framework of the research activities of the Institute of Biometeorology (IBIMET) – National Research Council (CNR).  Seasonal forecasting methodologies and results here presented have to be considered as experimental products, derived from innovative procedures and algorithms, that need to be further validated and improved. IBIMET CNR is not responsible for any damage deriving from the use of these products. The diffusion and use of the information contained on this site are subjected to the approval of IBIMET CNR.