The climate is a central issue in several research areas and our everyday life, due also to the urgency of actions across society that climate change requires.

The purpose of CLIMATESERVICE.IT initiative is to provide services and solutions to give scientific answers to the need of information of users.

The importance
of climate services

The awareness of the consequences of climate change including the economic and social impacts are undoubtedly growing. The economic impact is high and it could be reduced adopting a proactive approach, as it is better to prepare than to react to such events. In 2009, the World Climate Conference-3 unanimously decided to establish a Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS), a UN-led initiative spearheaded by WMO to guide the development and application of science-based climate information and services in support of decision-making in climate-sensitive sectors. Thirteen heads of state or government, 81 ministers and 2.500 scientists unanimously agreed to develop the GFCS. From this perspective, the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) urges for the implementation of Climate Services that respond specifically to different needs, and provide climate information in a way that assists decision making by individuals and organizations.

The Scientific

Over the last twenty years, scientific research has produced many and excellent results both in the field of forecasts at different temporal and spatial scales, and by investigating the extent to which human activities have consequences for climate change.
A large part of the scientific literature, and not, emphasises the benefits of a virtuous synergy between producers and consumers of climate information. However, this synergy requires new tools to benefit from the potential of this greater awareness.

Solutions are crucial

Tools for decision making // mitigate risks

The commitment
of Science

Solutions are needed to facilitate the use of data and of the scientific knowledge. These solutions could help the development of tools to support the decision-making process and to increase the capacity of institutions and society to mitigate the risks and improve the adaptation to climate change.


CLIMATE SERVICES.IT is a hub which collects the main climate services, tools, and solutions developed by IBE-CNR in accordance with the institutional mission.
CLIMATESERVICES.IT is an initiative whose aim is to share and disseminate with a wider audience of users the scientific know-how and provide direct access to services, applications, solutions and results of climate research.
CNR-IBE Climate Services have been designed to meet the need for information and analysis of specific users. The approach underlying of this initiative is to organize the services and make them accessible also to other groups of users.

Climate Services
The Team

Vieri Tarchiani

Marina Baldi

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Massimiliano Pasqui

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Maurizio Bacci

Edmondo Di Giuseppe

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