Seasonal Forecast
Course Package

A course package to share training resources.

A joint initiative of World Meteorological Organization and CNR-IBE, with the collaboration of MeteoSwiss.


Learning and teaching about seasonal climate  forecasts: a Mediterranean educational experience toward operational climate services. | Vieri Tarchiani et al. | Special Issue: 17th EMS Annual Meeting: European Conference for Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2017

What is it

T.O.P. Seasonal Forecast is a shared set of online resources to enhance knowledge in the theory of seasonal forecasting and operational use of seasonal climate forecasts.

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The training materials

T.O.P. is based on the training materials produced for face-to-face-to-face courses organized from 2014-17. Created by acknowledged researchers and scholars for RTC Italy training initiatives, they have been reorganized in a new structure, partially re-edited, and enriched with videos and other documentations. These resources can be used by other trainers to develop their own courses.


The goal of the online course is to allow seasonal climate forecast knowledge transfer to increase operational capabilities of the targeted users. It provides theoretical and practical set of knowledge on seasonal forecast and predictability models, climate and data analysis, forecast verification, and specific application of seasonal forecast for agriculture and water management.

The Training content

The Structure

The course package includes model outline with learning objectives, case studies, in-depth studies, quizzes, structured bibliography, readings.


The Modules Structure

On the basis of previous training experiences, the project team defined the course modules structure to better respond to user learning needs


Selection and Analysis

The training materials from previous courses were selected and analyzed to fit the best set of resources for each module.


Training Materials

Slide presentations