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Open Data


IBE Climate Services provides full, open and free-of-charge access to data and information, consistent with the international data sharing principles.

The aim is to provide opportunities for the research and the stakeholder community and to create a shared sustainable growth to cope with global challenges.

IBE is committed to foster compliance with OGC data standards and web services, to  improve access to data in long-term data stewardship perspective.

Open Access

Open datasets are published under Creative Commons (CC) licences and are available for reuse with reference to the original dataset.


You can access our data through on-line map viewer and the web services.



Users can access directly to products through on-line map viewer of each operational IBE Platform.


Developers can access all data published on the applications’ portals through the REST APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). The information retrieved can then be used by an external procedures to transform, update or reference and provide new input for further calls to the APIs.

Data Services

Data set

CSs products are stored in the metadata catalogue of CNR-IBE.

This catalogue is a discovery services compliant with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Catalogue Service Web (CSW) 2.0.2 and its facilities are provided through CKAN, an open source metadata catalogue service.

Open datasets are published under Creative Commons (CC) licences and are available for reuse with reference to the original dataset.

Note: actually IBE Catalogue is under construction and data may be not up to date then IBE Operational Platforms.


The REST API provides programmatic access the various different data reading made by the IBE Climate Services. Responses are available in several format as: GeoJSON, GeoTIFF, JSON, CSV, Excel, ESRI Shape files.

OGC web services

Web services offer easy and customized access to the data. Web services compliant with OGC standards allow standard access to the data. In the world of geospatial information systems, OGC standards are well established and facilitate the exchange or the combination of data from different data systems. Furthermore, such web services offer suitable data output formats.

SDI Insfrastructure

An interoperable Spatial Data Insfrastructure supports the IBE web applications and services. Technological components are organized in typical client-server architecture. The web services implemented in the Client-side component foster the development of custom applications for the dissemination of results and services handling.

Get In Touch

For any question or information on climateservices.it  APIs, please get in touch!