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Urban expansion-flood damage nexus: Evidence from the Dosso Region, Niger

The current literature links flood exposure and the consequent damage in the sub-Saharan Africa to urban expansion. The main implication of this pertains to the fact that cities are the target of flood risk reduction. However, our knowledge of the built-up area expansion–flood damage nexus is still too scarce to support any risk reduction policy […]

Agrometeorological Forecast for Smallholder Farmers: A Powerful Tool for Weather-Informed Crops Management in the Sahel.

Agriculture production in Nigerien rural areas mainly depends on weather variability. Weather forecasts produced by national or international bodies have very limited dissemination in rural areas and even if broadcast by local radio, they remain generic and limited to short-term information. According to several experiences in West Africa, weather and climate services (WCSs) have great […]

Flood Assessment for Risk-Informed Planning along the Sirba River, Niger

South of the Sahara, flood vulnerability and risk assessments at local level rarely identify the exposed areas according to the probability of flooding or the actions in place, or localize the exposed items. They are, therefore, of little use for local development, risk prevention, and contingency planning. The aim of this article is to assess […]

Hydrology of the Sirba River: Updating and Analysis of Discharge Time Series

International aid for climate change adaptation in West Africa is increasing exponentially, but our understanding of hydroclimatic risks is not keeping pace with that increase. The aim of this article is to develop a multihazard risk assessment on a regional scale based on existing information that can be repeated over time and space and that […]