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Introducing design in the development of effective climate services

I. Christel, D. Hemment, D. Bojovic, F. Cucchietti, L. Calvo, M. Stefaner, C. Buontempo
Climate Services Volume 9, January 2018, Pages 111-121


The paper provides insights into the contributions design can offer to develop climate services. We illustrate the key steps and share the main lessons learnt from our experience in the creation of Project Ukko, a fully working climate services prototype developed within the European project EUPORIAS.

To address the domain challenge in climate services, extensive engagement with science and industry stakeholders was required. To address the informational challenge, we applied visualisation techniques to help users interpret and utilise the information as simply and quickly as possible. Fostering interdisciplinary teams of design researchers, climate scientists and communication specialists brought various expertise and competencies in all stages of climate services development.

Specifically, the project recognised the role of users in co-designing the product. This helped to improve the usability of climate predictions, tailor climate information to answer the actual needs of users, better communicate uncertainty, and bridge the gap between state-of-the-art climate predictions and users’ readiness to apply this novel information.

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