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Agricultural Meteorology School 3rd Edition 2023

Third Edition 2023 International School of Agrometeorology Agricultural Meteorology for Supporting Crop Production Bratislava, Slovakia 11-15 December 2023 About the third edition Crop production and natural resource management need innovative approaches to cope with climate challenges and geopolitical crises that increasingly threaten agriculture. Agrometeorology, through the development of new information, knowledge, and innovative tools can […]

Agricultural Meteorology School 2nd Edition 2022

Photo by Dan Carlson- on Unsplash

Second Edition 2022 International School of Agrometeorology Agricultural Meteorology for Sustainable Water Management in Agroecosystems Bologna, Italy 5-9 September 2022 Who is it for? The 1-week face-to-face course “Agriculture meteorology for sustainable water management in agroecosystems” was designed with the aim to facilitate participants to increase their knowledge of novel scientific results, and advanced technologies […]

National Training

Capacity-building initiatives on advanced Meteorology, Climatology and Climate change.

Agricultural Meteorology School 1st Edition 2021

1st Edition 2021 International School of Agrometeorology A capacity-building training course for young researchers and professionals Transfer the know-how on how Agricultural Meteorology can contribute to Climate Smart Agriculture Who is it for? The 2-weeks online course “Agriculture Meteorology for a Climate Smart Agriculture” intended to provide young researchers and professionals with high-level innovative knowledge […]


A shared set of online resources to enhance knowledge in seasonal forecasting and operational use of seasonal climate forecasts.