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RISD 2021

Risk-Informed Sustainable Development
in the Rural Tropics

Online event
9 June, 2021 | 16 June, 2021 | 23 june, 2021

RISD 2021 is a joint initiative by DIST Politecnico e Università di Torino and IBE-CNR in the framework of the ANADIA2 project.

Sustainable Rural Development

Efforts to achieve sustainable rural development are often thwarted by hydroclimatic disasters (droughts, flooding, storms, typhoons) which local communities are little prepared to tackle. Understanding these disasters, improving preparation, and strengthening governance have become equal priorities of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) (2015).

Rural Communities Risk Information

In recent years, however, the implementation of actions at local scale to achieve the objectives of the Sendai framework has come across innumerable obstacles. It is often the case that agricultural practices and local planning are not very risk-informed. Climatic information is not available or accessible locally. Early warning systems and climate services are not co-designed and co-developed with the rural communities.

Départ de l'équipe pour le jaugeage

Focus DRR

Vulnerability and risk assessments are misaligned with risk prevention and preparedness plans. Finally, the frequency and nature of DRR mainstreaming in municipal development plans is actually unknown. These deficiencies are particularly acute in the Tropics, where the majority of least developed countries are located and where there is great need for interconnect sustainable development, DRR and Adaptation to Climate Change.


Three webinars focusing on Rural Tropics and investigating information production, accessibility and use on hydro-climatic risks at local scale

The Programme

9 June 2021

Floods monitoring and early warning

L’expérience du Système Locale d’Alerte Précoce (SAP) de la Sirba au Niger et perspectives régionales et globale

UTC 1:30-3:00 P.M. | CET 3:30-5:00 P.M.

Join the webinar

The three webinars are free and open. English -> French and French -> English simultaneous translation will be available.

To participate click the button “Join”

ZOOM 5.6.6 version required
(if you have an older version please download the latest one at

Webinar 1

9 June 2021
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Webinar 2

16 June 2021
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Webinar 3

23 June 2021
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