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The COP28 Agreement: Desperately Seeking Hope

The abuse of greatness is when it disjoins Remorse from power, and, to speak truth of Caesar, I have not known when his affections swayed More than his reason. Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” Act 3, Scene 1   At every COP, the United Nations climate summit, and the recently concluded COP28 is no exception, the atmosphere […]

Water and Society: the Emerging Field of Socio-Hydrology

What is Socio-hydrology? The impact of both natural and human interventions on hydrological systems, including inter-basin water transfers, droughts, and agricultural water usage, is crucial. However, these interventions profoundly affect ecosystems and impact human populations’ water needs and demands. Socio-hydrology is an interdisciplinary field at the nexus of social and hydrological sciences, that is gaining […]

Scientists “on air”

The Cue. Last Saturday, on the prime-time news tv program broadcasted on Rai Uno, Massimiliano Pasqui, a physicist at CNR-IBE, was the expert guest to give some scientific insights on the latest weather events. [link to video – interview at min. 14:18].  Climate scientists can provide valuable insights and information on the causes and impacts of […]

Participation and Local Knowledge for Flood Risk Management in Niger

Climate Services for flood risk management provide relevant and timely information to help communities and organizations understand and prepare for potential flooding events. In the context of the natural hazard, the significance of local or indigenous knowledge is often overlooked or undervalued and is often seen as either a competing knowledge claim or as being […]

Climate Crisis: not a breaking news for UK journalism

Photo by Peter Lawrence on Unsplash

“It reads like a summary of the year so far: drought in Europe, floods in Pakistan, and a high-pressure system ‘stuck’ in the North Atlantic, disrupting normal weather patterns. And scientists blaming it all on climate change.” It is not a quote from a recent article in The Guardian, but it dates back to 1978. […]

Data Viz and the narrative of data

Perpetual Plastic, by Liina Klauss, Skye Morét and Moritz Stefaner.

In the media, we often hear speakers talking about the “Data Deluge”, “Big Data”, and the “World of Data”. As a matter of fact, digital transformation has brought us the advent of the Data Age. But data are not intelligible at a glance. So as human beings are visual creatures the best way to communicate […]