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Flooding Marche 2022: the impact of an extreme event

The extreme event that struck the Marche region on the 15–16 September 2022, once again re-proposes the themes of vulnerability, prevention, mitigation and adaptation.
We know that specific actions to be put in place could reduce the impact of increasingly frequent phenomena.
Then what is politics doing? What is science doing? Because to find solutions and implement them, maybe politics and science should talk to each other and trust each other more.
Furthermore, let us not forget how important it is to know how to behave in order not to risk our lives.
On these issues:
– the insight of the TG1 special on Rai 1, broadcast on 16 September 2022, with Massimiliano Pasqui (CNR-IBE) and Massimo Gargano, Director General of ANBI (National Association of Reclamation Consortia). Watch the tv programme
– the contribution of Marina Baldi in an article published by La Repubblica. Read More

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