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Landmark WMO Appointments

During the 19th meeting of the World Meteorological Congress, Cg-19, the international community witnessed a landmark moment for the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Among the elected officials were Prof Celeste Saulo, who made history as the first female Secretary-General of WMO, and Dr Al Mandous, who assumed the position of President. The appointment of Prof Celeste Saulo, the Permanent Representative of Argentina with WMO, marks a significant milestone for gender representation within the organization. Her expertise and leadership will undoubtedly contribute to the advancement of meteorology on a global scale.

In addition to these notable appointments, the representatives of Nations also elected the members of the Executive Council, a crucial body responsible for implementing the decisions made by the Congress. Among the distinguished individuals chosen for this role is B. Gen. Luca Baione, the Permanent Representative of Italy with WMO.

The WMO Regional Training Center (RTC) in Italy warmly congratulates Luca Baione on this remarkable achievement. With his appointment to the Executive Council, Baione will play a vital role in coordinating programs, managing budgets, and addressing matters affecting international meteorology and related activities. Given the unwavering support of the Italian Government towards the WMO community, Luca Baione’s participation in the Executive Council will prioritize the provision of high-quality meteorological and climatological services. This commitment aims to meet the diverse needs of national and international users, effectively tackling pressing challenges like climate change, disaster risk reduction, and the emerging frontier of Space Weather.

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