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MED-GOLD Living Lab 27 May – 24 June 2021

Turning climate information into value for traditional Mediterranean agri-food systems




MED-GOLD project has the aim to translate state-of-the-art climate data and climate predictions — at the seasonal timescale and beyond — into easily accessible, valuable information for a wide range of end-users in the agriculture sector.
In the project framework, an online training event, MED-GOLD Living La, will take place from 27 May – 24 June 2021.

This online event is dedicated to early-career scientists and professionals in the areas of climate science, agriculture, business strategy, social sciences and communication.

The Structure of the event

9 sessions – 5 plenaries and 4 hands-on sessions – over five weeks, with periodic activities delivered by speakers across different disciplines relevant to the development and implementation of climate services for the agriculture sector, including climate modelling, agriculture and user engagement.
Download: the first draft of the programme of lessons and activities.

Who is it for

Early-career scientists and professionals with a wide range of individual profiles are encouraged to apply and join the multidisciplinary teams: climate scientists, agronomists, software developers (R, Python), social scientists, and communication experts. Participants will learn about concepts and methodologies used to develop climate services.
The maximum number of participants is 25.

Link: Information and registration for Living Lab.

No registration fee required.

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