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Some Don’t Like It Hot

November 2022 has just started, and the high temperatures of October are just another record-shattering event after a hot and dry summer. Is it good news?

The anomalous temperatures that have prolonged summer 2022 in Europe, with record temperatures, more like late summer than early autumn, are certainly not good news.
Marina Baldi of the CNR-IBE on the RAI TV Programme “Fuori TG”, on 1 November, talks about this anomaly with the other guests: the climatologist Luca Mercalli, Fridays For Future Italy spokesperson Michela Spina.
(Watch also RAI TG3 on 1 November – from minute 20:53 – ).

High Temperatures: Nothing New

“Several years ago – says Marina Baldi – climate models showed that we would be heading towards a situation like this. That is to say, temperatures would rise, and we would have prolonged drought periods with intense rainfall concentrated in very few days during the year. All the signs were known.”

Signs that are not encouraging. In the Alps mountains, the slopes are a stretch of green. In Cortina (Italy), experts say the risk is to end skiing within twelve years. Certainly, the effects of climate change are before our eyes, and the negative impacts will affect the economy and society. “The October temperature anomaly is causing drought, perhaps even more severe than the one we experienced this summer, with consequences for water resources and agriculture.”

Watch the full episode RAI TV Programme “Fuori TG”

The Permacrisis

We are living in a historical moment of crisis at different levels. We are facing pandemics, recession, inflation, war, global warming, and the danger of an atomic bombing. It is no coincidence that Collins dictionary has chosen the neologism Permacrisis as the word of the year.
Energy prices rising and shortages risk are in the media agenda talks on fossil energy and renewables. At the same time, the pleas from experts, stakeholders, and scientists on the climate crisis and the urgency of specific actions seem to remain in the background. The exceptions are few.
Will good news come from the forthcoming COP27, to be held from 6 to 18 November in Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt)?

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