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The 3rd edition Agromet School begins in Bratislava

In Bratislava, the seeds of agricultural resilience are being sown as we speak, on December 11th, marking the commencement of the third edition of the International School of Agrometeorology. This intellectual harvest is meticulously cultivated by the Italian Association of Agro-meteorology (AIAM) in collaboration with CNR-IBE, designated as the WMO Regional Training Center in Italy (WMO-RTC Italy), and the Earth Science Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

This edition of the Agromet School is laser-focused on “Agricultural Meteorology for Supporting Crop Production.” In a world grappling with climate challenges and geopolitical crises that cast shadows over agriculture, crop production and natural resource management demand nothing short of innovative prowess. Enter Agrometeorology, a field wielding the power to infuse operational agriculture with science through new information, knowledge, and cutting-edge tools.

The school’s mission? To serve as a verdant crucible, nurturing participants’ understanding of scientific breakthroughs and advanced agrometeorological analysis and monitoring technologies. It’s not merely an academic exercise; it’s a call to arms for applying innovative tools in crop production, a crucial response to the climate crisis gripping our planet.

Active participation isn’t just encouraged; it’s essential. The Agromet School serves as a fertile ground for interdisciplinary networking, fostering connections between participants and experts alike. The majority of attendees hail from European nations. Still, the international flavour of the event is enriched by colleagues arriving from far-flung corners of the globe, such as Tunisia, India, Senegal, Guyana, and Burkina Faso.

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