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Are We Endangering Our Future? A Look at the IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report

What is the sixth assessment report of IPCC? The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a consortium of the world’s leading climate scientists, has released its sixth assessment report (AR6), which consists of four main sections. The final instalment of the report is the synthesis report, which serves as a comprehensive review of global knowledge […]

World Water Day 2023

Today marks World Water Day 2023, a day of reflection and action on the critical importance of water in our lives. The theme for this year’s World Water Day is “Accelerating Change”, which emphasizes the need to solve the water and sanitation crisis. The dysfunction of the water cycle at any point can hinder progress […]

A composite index approach to support crop management in Italy

Farmers may experience variable interannual yields with associated agronomic and management costs, even if they are growing locally adapted crops. However, climate services can assist farmers in making the best decisions aimed at reducing the impacts of climate change, or in other words, managing the climate risk. The IBE-CNR has been involved in the development […]

Drought Observatory: Bulletin February 2023

The Drought Observatory Bulletin in brief In February, drought conditions are still intense in several European countries. In addition to the rainfall deficit, soil moisture anomalies at the end of the month affected not only the Po Valley and several regions of southern Italy but also vast areas of Spain, France, and even southern Great […]

Are climate information key to reducing drought and flood risks?

An interesting recently published article accurately analyzes how agroclimatic information can reduce the risks of droughts and floods in Niger. The title of the article is “Evaluation of the Impact of Seasonal Agroclimatic Information Used for Early Warning and Farmer Communities’ Vulnerability Reduction in Southwestern Niger.”, the authors Seydou, T.H.; Agali, A.; Aissatou, S.; Seydou, T.B.; […]

Drought Observatory Bulletin Jannuary 2023

Early data collected between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 indicates that the conditions of the previous year, which were considered exceptional, may be repeating themselves. It is still too early to predict whether the coming summer will be as drought-ridden as 2022, as much will depend on the amount of rainfall in the spring. 

Climate Photography Open Call

Blue Carbon, Kelp forests underwater

Have you ever stopped to think about the images we see in relation to climate change? All too often, these visuals may be aesthetically pleasing and informative, but they lack the emotional impact and significance to truly drive change. That’s where Climate Visuals comes in. Climate Visuals is a project from the creative minds at […]

Scientists “on air”

The Cue. Last Saturday, on the prime-time news tv program broadcasted on Rai Uno, Massimiliano Pasqui, a physicist at CNR-IBE, was the expert guest to give some scientific insights on the latest weather events. [link to video – interview at min. 14:18].  Climate scientists can provide valuable insights and information on the causes and impacts of […]

Participation and Local Knowledge for Flood Risk Management in Niger

Climate Services for flood risk management provide relevant and timely information to help communities and organizations understand and prepare for potential flooding events. In the context of the natural hazard, the significance of local or indigenous knowledge is often overlooked or undervalued and is often seen as either a competing knowledge claim or as being […]

Décrue du Fleuve Niger à Niamey

La crue guinéenne observée depuis le 18 octobre 2022 à la station hydrométrique de Niamey a été marquée par une montée des eaux dans le sous bassin du Niger Moyen, notamment dans les Régions de Tillabéry, Niamey et Dosso. Quelques cas d’inondations ont été constatés dans certaines localités riveraines du fleuve avec des dégâts sur […]