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Drought Bulletin March 2023

In March, the countries of southwestern and eastern Europe continue to be the most affected by the drought that has now lasted for almost 2 years. According to international definitions related to duration and type of impacts, this drought can be indicated as hydrological and socio-economic. In Italy, the large lakes in the first decade […]

Slapis Sahel: a new project to cope with flood risk

Since the 2000s, Niger and Burkina Faso have been increasingly affected by floods, with a peak in 2020 that affected more than one hundred thousand people in Burkina Faso and over six hundred thousand in Niger. Hence, the Sahelian governments have recognized the urgent need to implement early warning systems to help riverine communities cope […]

Are climate information key to reducing drought and flood risks?

An interesting recently published article accurately analyzes how agroclimatic information can reduce the risks of droughts and floods in Niger. The title of the article is “Evaluation of the Impact of Seasonal Agroclimatic Information Used for Early Warning and Farmer Communities’ Vulnerability Reduction in Southwestern Niger.”, the authors Seydou, T.H.; Agali, A.; Aissatou, S.; Seydou, T.B.; […]

Drought Observatory Bulletin Jannuary 2023

Early data collected between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 indicates that the conditions of the previous year, which were considered exceptional, may be repeating themselves. It is still too early to predict whether the coming summer will be as drought-ridden as 2022, as much will depend on the amount of rainfall in the spring. 

Décrue du Fleuve Niger à Niamey

La crue guinéenne observée depuis le 18 octobre 2022 à la station hydrométrique de Niamey a été marquée par une montée des eaux dans le sous bassin du Niger Moyen, notamment dans les Régions de Tillabéry, Niamey et Dosso. Quelques cas d’inondations ont été constatés dans certaines localités riveraines du fleuve avec des dégâts sur […]

Crue Guinéenne du fleuve Niger de décembre 2022

Le Fleuve Niger à Niamey connaît au cours du mois de décembre 2022 une montée des eaux due à la crue guinéenne, qui est la resultante des apports venants du haut bassin de la Guinée en passant par le Mali. A la date du 9 novembre 2022 le niveau du fleuve a dépassé la cote […]

Learning Drought Basics

European Union, Copernicus Sentinel-2

During the summer of 2022, we experienced extreme temperatures and water shortages. A droughty summer affected not only Italy but also the 64% of EUROPEAN UNION, as shown in the map by Copernicus Global Drought Monitoring. Credit: European Union, Copernicus Emergency Management Service   According to the EU’s environmental programme Copernicus, the 2022 drought may […]

Italy and Portugal discuss about drought

On 28 September 2022 took place the webinar “Drought: Climate Change and Water Management” organised by the Italian Embassy in Lisbon in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Portugal and the Italian Trade Agency – ICE, in the framework of the Festival Sviluppo Sostenibile 2022 (2022 Festival for Sustainable Development). The meeting focused […]

Drought Observatory: August Bulletin

On 7 September, the CNR-IBE Drought Observatory published the monthly bulletin illustrating the Italian drought situation in August. The month just ended is one characterised by instability and thunderstorms. But, this year the events were decidedly more intense, also due to an above-average temperature, with values well exceeding 30°C for several months. The thunderstorm phenomena […]

EMS 2022: Effective Communication of Agrometeorological Services

EMS 2019 Background

The European Meteorological Society Annual Conference (EMS2022) is taking place from 4 to 9 September 2022 at the Poppelsdorf Campus of the University of Bonn. As a side event, the workshop on Effective communication of agrometeorological services is scheduled as a full-day event for today Wednesday 7 September 2022. The aim of this workshop is […]