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EMS 2022: Effective Communication of Agrometeorological Services

EMS 2019 Background

The European Meteorological Society Annual Conference (EMS2022) is taking place from 4 to 9 September 2022 at the Poppelsdorf Campus of the University of Bonn.
As a side event, the workshop on Effective communication of agrometeorological services is scheduled as a full-day event for today Wednesday 7 September 2022.
The aim of this workshop is to have an overview of the existing agrometeorological services and to discuss how new technologies and initiatives would change the agrometeorological services in future.
Workshop co-organizers are the International Society of Biometeorology, Met Eireann, Solco W. Tromp Foundation, Slovenian Environment Agency, European Meteorological Society and Slovenian Meteorological Society.

Vieri Tarchiani, CNR-IBE, presented an analysis of the Anadia 2.0 project to highlight how Digital Technology and climate service co-production can leverage positive interaction and trust among different actors, increasing the effective use of climate services.



Digital technology (DT) is gaining momentum for the last mile communication of Agrometeorological Services (AS) in Niger: DT (particularly WhatsApp and Kobocollect) enhances the interaction and information exchange within the system actors and contributes to building trust and changing the relations between information providers, extension officers, and farmers. DT also empowers communities to contribute to the service co-production with observed data on local conditions and timely feedback on information received and its performance, thereby improving their engagement in the AS. Nevertheless, rural radios still are the most powerful tool for reaching farmers directly. However, the effective use of these channels requires propaedeutic training activities.


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